Fixed Deposit Account

Mount Zion Saving and Loans Fixed Deposit Account is a high interest yielding deposit account that requires a fixed amount to be invested for a period of time. Our fixed deposits are issued for periods from three months (3), six months (6) to twelve (12) months. We also offer a competitive interest rate.


* One can start with a minimum of $1,000.00USD
* Our Fixed Deposits have varied maturity time frames to choose from i.e. Three (3), Six (6) and Twelve (12) months
* Interest is paid at maturity into an account at Mount Zion
* High interest on your investment


* Security and safety of your funds
* Option to roll over your investment upon maturity
* No maintenance charges on your Term Deposit account
* Flexible policy on premature termination, if you need your money earlier than expected
* Free investment advice


Savings Withdrawal Booklet
The Mount Zion Saving and Loans Savings withdrawal booklet is a pre-printed savings booklet bearing the unique account number and name of an Mount Zion Saving and Loans Savings Account Holder. The booklet contains slips which must be completed for use over the counter to withdraw money from a savings account. This booklet will gradually replace the savings withdrawal slips which serve the same purpose. The customer must provide the following information on the slip on presentation for payment; the date, their signature and the amount they wish to withdraw. Most banks will also ask for identification to verify that the bearer of the slip is the account owner. The Mount Zion Saving and Loans Savings withdrawal booklet is ONLY for withdrawing from a savings account just as a cheques book is used to withdraw money from a current account except it cannot be accepted for clearing or for payment into other accounts.